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Experience... Home Designs Tailored to Your Lifestyle

As your homebuilder our main goal is to ensure your home is designed to meet your individual needs and wants. We offer numerous exterior elevations and countless lifestyle options for every home design. If you are interested in custom changes we have a complete in-house staff who will meet with you personally to design exactly what you are looking for.

Experience... Luxurious Included Features & Finishes

We are committed to delivering value in your new home with our endless list of luxurious included features that would be considered upgrades with other builders. Your time is valuable and having the features and finishes you have always wanted already included means a lot less time and money spent having to upgrade your home to meet your standards.

Experience... Quality Construction

1. Foundation

When the design of your home is completed, an independent soil test will be made on your homesite. Next a structural engineer will design your foundation to ensure proper beam depth and cable spacing. Homes by David Powers have a standard post tension foundation supplemented with additional steel reinforcements for additional strength.

2. Frame

All of Homes by David Powers are framed on-site, which provides the flexibility to customize and maximize the space and elevation of each home. Only the highest quality framing materials are used in each home. In addition, the sub floor is glued, screwed and nailed down to secure and eliminate floor squeaking, which provides a more silent floor system. When each home's frame is complete it is reviewed by an independent third-party inspection firm.

3. Air Conditioning Systems

Homes by David Powers uses top-of-the-line heating and 16 seer air conditioning systems with programmable thermostats. The systems include an 80% or greater efficiency gas furnace with a stainless steel heat exchanger. The system also includes up sized R6 ducts to ensure proper air distribution and is engineered to provide you with peace-of-mind, comfort, and significant savings on utility bills. Equalization ducts installed in the bedrooms ensure round-the-clock comfort without having bedroom doors open all the time. (community specific feature)

4. Roof

Homes by David Powers uses premium Roofing that includes a 30-year pro-rated material warranty, high wind capacity and is mildew resistant. The roof decking is Tech Shield, a heat/radiant barrier material with a high energy efficiency value. On average the Tech Shield keeps attics 20 to 25 degrees cooler, creating a significant savings in utility bills.

5. Insulation

Homes by David Powers uses high quality energy efficient insulation:
• R-22 in sloped ceilings and R-38 in flat ceilings and attic insulation
• R-13 in garage common walls
• Tongue and Groove R-4 Dow board in brick walls
• Polyseal foam around pipes, doors, windows, base plates, and mechanical penetrations helps to eliminate hot areas in the walls and anti-mild sill plates help to seal out weather elements and keep your comfort level
• A mastic or hard cast form is used to seal all supply ducts and air returns
• R-6 foil ducts help insulate air flow

6. Continuous Soffit Vents and Ridge Vents

All Homes by David Powers have soffit vents that provide more air flow through the attic and out the ridge vent. This releases the hot air out of the attic and is more effective than a wind turbine or power vent using basic natural thermodynamics.

7. Exterior

Homes by David Powers uses predominately masonry materials on the exterior of every home, including brick, stucco and stone. On the minimal non-masonry areas including eves and soffits, Homes by David Powers uses cement fiber material that includes a 50-year warranty against rotting, warping and termites.

8. Plumbing

All Homes by David Powers have pressure balance valves in every bath to regulate water temperature. All pipes in exterior walls and attic are insulated with foam sheathing for consistent water temperature and to prevent freezing.
Homes by David Powers is one of the few new home builders who offers en-suite baths throughout the home to ensure comfort and higher resale value.

Experience... Unsurpassed Building and Energy Efficiency Practices

All Homes By David Powers homes are Engineered and Inspected Under the Guardian Certified Inspection Program and offer customers the peace of mind knowing their home has been designed and built to the highest level of construction standards.

Experience... Personal Customer Care

Homes by David Powers believes in being extremely hands on. We pride ourselves on getting to know each of our customers personally to really understand all of their individual needs and wants. Our entire staff from your sales counselor, designer, project manager and even Mr. David Powers, the company President, work together to meet and exceed you needs throughout the entire new home process.



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